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Spaceflight will never tolerate carelessness, incapacity, and neglect. Somewhere, somehow, we screwed up. It could have been in design, build, or test. Whatever it was, we should have caught it. We were too gung ho about the schedule and we locked out all of the problems we saw each day in our work.

  • Still here

    The internet is the meanest place ever. Everybody knows that. So being "still here" in online business after 18 years is by no means a matter of course. That is all the more true, if the project in question is open source, rather than a profit-oriented business. So let's celebrate, because TYPO3 is "still here" and more successful than ever before.

Congratulations, you are still here. We've come a long way. We've had to fight off wild animals, tamed fire, learned how to survive cold, heat, rain and drowned. We stocked food for hard times. And teamed up to create a better future. So the matter, the challenge we came out on top, that is the key to our success. So right now. Look into the eyes of the person next to you.

Give them a high five and say full of pride "We are still here". Because that is something truly remarkable. So when you are looking for a seasoned content management system. Look for the one, that has always come out on top. TYPO3 - still here!

  • What is TYPO3?

    A short video explaining what TYPO3 is and why it is the right choice for you.

Hey there! Have you ever wondered? What is TYPO3? Well. If you throw things like text, images or videos in it, it spits out shiny websites. Or apps. Or insanely complex internet systems. Or you could also use it to do things we didn't even think about ourselves. For example, if a passenger of an Aida cruise ship turns on his or her TV set, they're inherently using a media player running TYPO3. In short, if you need to manage and output content, TYPO3 is for you. You can start small and grow fast. TYPO3 won't let you down, no matter if you're working as a one man show, a rapidly growing startup or with a lot of other people at the same time, like the University of Vienna. But TYPO3 is more than just a CMS. It's a strong community of industry professionals. We're not driven by profit. We're driven by conviction. We bring people, companies and organisations together that share a common goal and that is to make the best CMS available today. TYPO3, inspiring people to share.

This feature is part of the Bootstrap Package!

Bootstrap Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework. The goal of this package is to give an advanced example of how modern templating in TYPO3 CMS can be handled nicely without depending on third party extensions.

Bootstrap Package on GitHub